Not all direct ancestors have been traced back to their immigrant ancestors; and for a few supposed immigrant ancestors, the information is just too sketchy.

Listed below are the dead ends - the individuals whose wives, parents or origins could not be found:


Christopher Graffert immigrated in 1743. His wife Mary's maiden name is unknown.

Joseph Hain of Heidelberg Township, Berks County probably died in 1834. His father is said to be Johann Heinrich Hain (1723-1795) also of Heidelberg, with wife Anna Christina. And Heinrich's parents are said to be George Hain who supposedly was among the Palatinate Germans in Schoharie, New York, in 1716, with, at the time of his death, wife named Veronica.  This whole group is uncertain.

In 1808 Esther Heckman married Thomas Moore.  Her origins are uncertain. Her father may have been George Heckman, who died in Berks Co. in 1805.

Jacob Heil immigrated in 1741. He had a wife living in 1767.  Her name, and whether or not she was the mother of the children is unknown.

Rudolph Hoch and his wife Veronica immigrated in 1717.  Her maiden name is unknown.

Anne Kaufman of Germantown died in 1740. Her origins are unknown.

Jacob Seltzer, the immigrant, married Maria Catharine Hiester around 1760. Her origins are unknown.