Genealogy of Captain William Graff Moore and his wife Elmira Seltzer
both of Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania and Redlands, California

This website will contain data on the direct ancestors of Capt. William G. Moore and his wife Elmira Seltzer. Obviously there is a lot to be added.

The research goal has been to trace their ancestors back to those who first immigrated to America.  See the tabs "Immigrant Ancestors" and "Dead Ends".

Also presented here is information about James Moore of Convoy, County of Donegal, Ireland who settled in Womelsdorf in 1803.  A genealogical mysterly remains unsolved: the relationship of his family to that of Capt. Moore's ancestors.

For clarity, four men named William are rather consistently called "William Moore of Reading", "William Moore of Lebanon", "Dr. William Moore", and "Capt. William Moore".

The research emphasis has been on identifying ancestors with some degree of certainty.  So information on this website is firstly evidence of relationships.  The amount of biographical information varies - more can be found in the cited sources and by internet searches.

Sources are cited for nearly everything.  All major sources for a person are cited at least once; some cited sources contain much more information than presented here.  Copies of some source materials are available on request.

Direct ancestors are marked with a tree symbol, making it easier to navigate through children.