Genealogy of Captain William Graff Moore and his wife Elmira Seltzer
of Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania and Redlands, California

American Ancestors

The primary purpose of this website will eventually be to present data on all the direct American ancestors of Capt. William Graff Moore and his wife Elmira Seltzer.  Much research has been conducted, but not yet added to this database. Obviously there is a lot to be done.  (For now see immigrants Sebastian Graff, Anna Barbara Wüster, Christopher Crawford and Johannes Doll.)

The main Moore surname line consists of :
    William Moore of Reading, immigrant (1747-1823)
    Thomas Moore of Reading (1789-1849)
    Doctor William Moore of Lebanon (1810-1872)
    Captain William G. Moore of Womelsdorf (1841-1899)

About the research

The primary research goal has been to trace their ancestors back to those who first immigrated to America.

The research emphasis has been on identifying ancestors with some degree of certainty.  So information on this website is firstly evidence of relationships.  Additional biographical information can be found in the cited sources and by internet searches.

Sources are cited for nearly everything.  All major sources for a person are cited at least once; some cited sources contain much more information than presented here.  Copies of some source materials are available on request.

Direct ancestors are marked with a tree symbol, making it easier to navigate through children.

This database is also on the web at RootsWeb WorldConnect database jmoore1000m. That site features better pedigree and descendancy charts for each individual.

Recent Additions

Early generations of Crawford, Graff, Doll & Heckman. Conrad Doll.

Extended Family

William Moore immigrated to Reading by 1779. A younger brother Robert has been found who died there in 1800.  This raises general questions - did William and Robert immigrate alone, or with other siblings, or as part of an extended family immigrating over time?

There is documentary evidence suggesting that other Moore families in and near Berks county, Pennsylvania were related to William Moore of Reading.  This evidence is rather weak and not conclusive.  Research on this question continues.

The first step in this research has been to untangle some of the possible relations, starting with the family of James Moore of Convoy Ireland.  James Moore and widow  Frances Gray married in northern Ireland in 1772 and later resided in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania. Three of their children wrote wills that name over seventy individuals, including descendants of our William Moore of Reading.  A fourth document was also used, a list of aunts, uncles and relatives ascribed to William Moore of Lebanon, the author of one of the three wills.

So that first step has been to better identify those seventy or so individuals - that is, to group them into families, based upon  probate, census, burial and other records. That research has been conducted, for the most part, and the results are presented in this database.  The families in those three wills are the descendants of:

   James Moore of Convoy (1745-1824) 
    including his son John Moore of Philadelphia (1774 - 1830) 
   Gray (-abt 1770), the first husband of Frances Gray (1740-1783)
   John Moore of Lewistown (1751 - 1822)
   John Moore of Lewisburg, 2nd (1759 - 1834)  
   Samuel Moore of Stouchsburg (1786 - 1848)
   William Moore of Reading, immigrant (1747-1823) [details and descendants not yet added to database]

Also of interest - From where in Ireland did the Moores come? Three specific locations are known: Convoy and Letterkenny in county Donegal, and Londonderry or Derry in the county of that name. See the notes under James Moore of Convoy and John Moore of Lewistown.

Please contact me if you are particularly interested in these families.