Dr. William Moore1,2

M, #400, b. 28 July 1810, d. 23 May 1872
Last Edited: 6 Apr 2021


Father: Thomas Moore1 b. 3 Feb 1781, d. 11 Feb 1849
Mother: Esther Heckman1 b. 27 Oct 1790, d. 21 Jul 1856

Family 1:

Mary Anne Doll b. 2 Aug 1811, d. 8 Feb 1860
  • Marriage*: 21 April 1840; Principal=Mary Anne Doll2
  • Marriage: 23 April 1840; Lebanon, First Reformed, by Rev. Henry Wagner, witnesses: Mr. & Mrs. More; Principal=Mary Anne Doll4


Capt. William Graff Moore 2 b. 1 May 1841, d. 7 May 1899
Elizabeth Hester Moore2 b. 7 Sep 1843, d. 25 Sep 1894
James Elliot Moore2 b. 28 Sep 1845
John Petrie Moore2 b. 30 Aug 1847, d. 6 Mar 1890
Catherine Guilford Moore2 b. 30 Jul 1850, d. 25 Dec 1853
Thomas Moore2 b. 7 Mar 1854, d. 27 Jun 1926

Family 2:

Rebecca Van Reed Griesemer b. 23 Oct 1823, d. 25 Mar 1881


Rebecca Van Reed Moore23 b. 17 Oct 1862, d. 31 Aug 1888


  • Note*: List of notes:
    1 - Biography written by Morton L. Montgomery
    2 - Biography written by Earl W. Ibach
    3 - Petrie
    4 - Berks County Medical Society
    5 - Records of Womelsdorf Presbyterian church
    6 - Other church records
    7 - Will of William Moore of Lebanon, 1841
    8 - Administrator
    9 - Census
    10 - Death notice
    11 - Obituary
    12 - Funeral
    13 - Probate
  • Note: 1 - Biography written by Morton L. Montgomery in "History of Berks County in Pennsylvania" published in 1886:

    "William Moore was born in the city of Reading July 28, 1810, and died of apoplexy at his home in Womelsdorf May 23, 1872. After obtaining a good preparatory education he read medicine with Dr. J. W. Gloninger, of Lebanon, and was graduated from the Medical Department of the University of New York March 29, 1836. He practiced medicine two years in Jackson, Miss., and in 1840 located in Womelsdorf, where he spent the remainder of his life engaged in the arduous duties of his chosen profession. Dr. Moore was a man of thought, learning, integrity and ability. He won the popular heart by his amiable manners and strict adherence to duty and right. He was a conscientious Christian gentleman and filled responsible positions in church and Sunday-schools. His remains were interred in the Womelsdorf Cemetery and the funeral was attended by representatives from the Medical Societies of Berks and Lebanon counties, to which he belonged, and by about two thousand persons of the town and vicinity. A special meeting of the Berks County Medical Society was held and a series of resolutions, commendatory of his life and character, were passed.

    In politics Dr. Moore was first a Whig and afterwards an ardent and consistent Republican. He occupied various positions of honor and trust as a director in the Farmers National Bank of Reading, member of the board of managers of the Berks and Dauphine Turnpike Company, and treasurer of the borough of Womelsdorf. He took a great interest in agricultural affairs, in the rearing of fine live-stock and the cultivation of choice fruits. One of the crowning acts of his life was his efforts to establish a public library in the town of Womelsdorf, which was done shortly before his death."

    [Note that Dr. J. W. Gloninger, Dr. Moore's first medical teacher, had studied at University of New York, later becoming a specialist in cataract surgery, and recipient of numerous medical honors.]11
  • Note: 2 - Biography written by Earl W. Ibach in "The Hub of the Tulpehocken" published in 1976:

    "Dr. William Moore

    Dr. William Moore, one of the leading medical practitioners of Womelsdorf for thirty-two years, was born in Reading July 28, 1810. Upon serving his apprenticeship with Dr. J. W. Gloninger of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Dr. Moore received his doctors degree from the Medical School of the University of New York, March 29, 1836. Dr. Moore came to Womelsdorf in 1840, following a short term of practice in Jackson, Mississippi. He undoubtedly received word that Dr. William Gries was leaving town following his crippling accident and saw a golden opportunity to acquire a goodly number of the former physician's patients. He purchased Dr. Gries' beautiful house and office at the southeast corner of Second and High Streets and continued to render the same skillful and courteous service as his predecessor.
    Dr. William Moore, like most members of his ancestry, was a devout Scotch-Irish-Presbyterian, occupying various official positions of that denomination's Church and Sunday Schools.

    In 1843, Dr. William Moore was elected to fill the unexpired term of Burgess Peter Womelsdorf, upon the latter's death. From 1865 through 1867 he filled the office of Treasurer on the Town Council and served on the Board of Directors of the Farmers National Bank in Reading. Other pursuits in the life of Dr. William Moore from which he derived a great deal of pleasure, were the agricultural world. He took great pride in the growing of various species of choice fruits and the breeding and raising of fine live-stock. In addition to these most beneficial activities, Dr. Moore achieved one other worthwhile objective having a benevolent effect on the community and that was the founding of a public library in Womelsdorf. This was accomplished shortly before his death, which occurred in his home in Womelsdorf on May 23, 1872. Apoplexy was the cause of his demise.

    When in 1870, the Berks County Medical Society dissolved because of a factional dispute over an attempt to expel one of its distinguished colleagues, Dr. William Moore was elected President of the newly recognized Berks County Medical Association at a meeting held on January 3, 1871, in the home of Dr. John B. Brooke, No. 44 North Fourth Street, Reading.
    His funeral was attended by members of both Berks and Lebanon County Medical Societies to which he belonged and an estimated two thousand persons from Womelsdorf and the Tulpehochen area. Appropriate Resolutions were drawn up by the berks County Medical Association reflecting upon the fine character and virtues of the deceased. He lies buried in Zion Cemetery this place."

    [See also Ibach's biography of Dr. John M. Stephen, in this database.]12
  • Note: 3 - Petrie:

    In the possession of the family is a pair of small pistols with a tag reading "Duelling Pistols presented to Dr. W. M by Mr. Petrie of Alabama". The Mr. Petrie has not been identified. The name was given to son John Petrie Moore.13
  • Note: 4 - Berks County Medical Society:

    Over the years Reading had various medical organizations, supporting statewide inoculations, and bringing in specialists for training. In 1848 Dr. William Moore was a delegate to the first annual state medical convention. And in 1871 he was president of a newly revived medical organization in Reading.14
  • Note: 5 - Records of Womelsdorf Presbyterian church:

    "1939. On Thursday night Sept. 19th the Session of the church met at the house of Rev. W. W. Taylor. It was opened & closed with prayer. Dr. Wm Moore of Womelsdorf was examined for admission to the church and his examination was sustained."
    "on Sabbath morning Sept 29th 1839 the communion of the Lords Supper was administered by Rev Wm W Taylor when Dr Wm Moore was admitted in examination."15
  • Note: 6 - Other church records:

    Dr. Moore's first child was baptized at the Lebanon First Reformed church. The next three children, Elizabeth, James and John, were baptized at the Womelsdorf Presbyterian church. No baptism records have been found for the last three children, Catherine, Thomas and Rebecca. Church records have not been found for his second marriage, nor for his burial. In 1863 he was named in the membership list of Womelsdorf Zion Lutheran and Reformed church.16
  • Note: 7 - Will of William Moore of Lebanon, 1841:

    Doctor Moore and his wife were named as beneficiaries in the 1841 will of William Moore of Lebanon (see in this database):
    To Doctor William Moore of Womelsdorf twenty Shares of Stock in the Susquehanna Canal Company.
    To Mary Anne Moore, the wife of Doctor William Moore, one hundred shares of stock in the Harrisburg Bank, to be assigned to her in her own individual right.
    To Simeon Guilford and Doctor William Moore: Two Tracts of land in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Any balance owing on a tract of land sold to Soloman Leasure. One of the said tracts of land was let on an improving lease; if Meek Kelly, the agent has sold the lands, then said Guilford and Moore shall have the benefit thereof.17
  • Note: 8 - Administrator:

    Dr. Moore was named as executor of the following wills, if not more:

    Ann Gray 1843 Berks Co. and Frances Moore 1858 Berks Co. (step-sister and sister of William Moore of Lebanon).
    James Elliot 1850 Lebanon Co. (a good friend).
  • Note: 9 - Census:

    1850 US Census, Womelsdorf, Berks, Penn
    Wm Moore 39, b. abt 1811, physician
    Mary Ann Moore 36, b. abt 1814
    Wm Moore 10, b. abt 1810 Penn.
    Eliz Ann Moore 7, b. abt 1843
    James Moore 5, b. abt 1845
    Jno Moore 3, b. abt 1847
    James Moore 25, b. abt 1825, railroad coach maker
    Susan Resh 18

    1860 US Census, Womelsdorf
    William Moore 49, b. abt 1811, physician
    William G Moore 18, b. abt 1842
    Elizabeth H Moor, 15, b. abt 1845
    James E Moore 13, b. abt 1847
    John P Moore 11, b. abt 1849
    Thomas Moore 6, b. abt 1854
    Catharine Clouse 30, servant

    1870 US Census, Womelsdorf
    William Moore 60, b. abt 1810, physician
    Rabecca V Moore 47, b. abt 1823
    John P Moore 23, b. abt 1847, physician
    Thomas Moore 16, b. abt 1854, clerk in store
    Rabecca v R Moore 7, b. abt 1863
    Mary Lane, servant18
  • Note: 10 - Death notice:

    MOORE-In Womelsdorf, on Thursday morning, May 23d, of apoplexy, Dr. William Moore, aged 61 years.
    The funeral will take place on Tuesday morning, May 28th, at 10 o'clock. Internment at Womelsdorf Cemetery. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend without further notice."19
  • Note: 11 - Obituary:

    " Death of Dr. William Moore - We are deeply pained to announce the sudden death of Dr. William Moore, of Womelsdorf, which occurred early on Thursday morning, of apoplexy, aged 61 years. The Doctor retired the night before in his usual good health. About 3 1/2 A. M. he complained of pain in his head, and soon after his wife was alarmed by his heavy breathing, and tried to arouse him, but found him insensible. Medical aid was promptly summoned, but by the time it arrived he had breathed his last.
    Dr. Moore was one of the most useful, and estimable citizens in Berks county. A physician of large practice for many years; a public spirited citizen, and a consistent Christian foremost in every good work; an exemplar in all respects of the highest order of manhood, his death is a public calamity that will be seriously felt wherever he was known. To his immediate family and near relatives the loss is intensified by the remembrance of his kindly affection in ministering to their happiness and comfort. All feel that a good man has gone from earth whose place it will be hard to fill.
    Dr. Moore was a life-long member of the Whig and Republican parties, and though not an active politician wielded a strong influence and held many honorable positions in the party of his choice. He took a deep interest in agricultural affairs, in the rearing of choice stock, and fruits, and every thing
    that tended to agricultural progress. One of his latest efforts was the establishment of a Public Library in the borough of Womelsdorf, which like every work he undertook was crowned with success. There was no measure of public good that did not find in him an earnest advocate - no evil that he did not strenuously oppose. Truly the death of such a man is a great public loss.
    His funeral will take place from his late residence in the borough of Womelsdorf, on Tuesday next, may 29th, at 10 o'clock. Interment at Womelsdorf Cemetery."19
  • Note: 12 - Funeral:

    "Funeral of Dr. Moore - The funeral of
    Dr. Wm. Moore, of Womelsdorf, yesterday, showed the highest respect in which he was held by his relatives, neighbors and friends, and his professional brethren. There was a general cessation of business in the borough, and the entire population for miles around united in paying the last sad token of respect to one whose whole life was spent in the great work of doing good. Representatives were present from the two medical Societies of Berks, and also from the Lebanon medical Society, and his body was borne to its last resting place in the beautiful grounds of Womelsdorf Cemetery by his professional brethren. The Sunday School and Choir of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, of which Dr. Moore was an active member, headed the procession. After the service at the grave, which were attended by from fifteen hundred to two thousand persons, as many as could be accommodated repaired to the Reformed Church nearby, where eloquent and appropriate sermons were delivered by re. J. G. Marke, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, in English, and by Rev. T. C. Leinbach in German. The religious ceremonies were very impressive, and all who were present felt that the occasion was one of more than ordinary solemnity; - that a good man had passed from earth and gone to his reward, - leaving behind him that richest legacy, far above all earthly treasures - the bright example of a useful, an honorable, and well spent life."20
  • Note: 13 - Probate:

    Berks county, Pennsylvania, estate file for Dr. William Moore of Womelsdorf, died 28 July 1810, intestate. File is 123 pages. Recap:

    Administrators, sons: William G. Moore and James E. Moore.

    - Rebecca V. R. Moore (widow, 2nd wife)
    - William G. Moore (eldest son)
    - James E. Moore (2nd son)
    - John P. Moore (3rd son)
    - Thomas Moore (4th son, minor with guardian Michael Seltzer)
    - Elizabeth (Moore) Pilgram (daughter)
    - Rebecca V. R. Moore (only child by 2nd wife, minor with guardian Samuel Filbert)

    - The August 1874 distribution was split three ninths to the widow ($2,215), and one ninth each to the other six heirs ($738 each).

    Distribution of real estate:
    - Nine properties were identified. The heirs bid for seven of the parcels, at the appraised values, and two were sold.
    - No. 1 - Two story brick house & lot at High & Second St, Womelsdorf (Dr. Moore's residence), to William G. Moore for $5,200.
    - No. 2 - One story house & lot on Second St, Womelsdorf, to James E. Moore for $1,350.
    - No. 3 - Lot in Womelsdorf on Front St., to be sold.
    - No. 4 - Lot in Womelsdorf, 21 acres 65 perches, to Elizabeth Pilgram for $3,550.
    - No. 5 - Tract in Womelsdorf and partly in Marion Twp., 14 acres and 155 perches, to John P. Moore for $2,400.
    - No. 6 - Tract of chestnut timber in Heidelberg Twp., 10 acres and 94 perches, to be sold.
    - No. 7 - Tract of land with brick kiln in Womelsdorf, 5 acres and 30 perches, to James E. Moore, for $600.
    - No. 8 - Tract in Reading on South Fourth between Pine and Benjamin streets, to Michael Seltzer guardian of Thomas Moore for $1,000.
    - No. 9 - Three quarter story house and lot in Reading on Laurel S. between Seventh and Eighth streets, to William G. Moore for $700.21,22


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