George Heckman1,2

M, #346, b. 7 May 1742, d. 13 October 1805
Last Edited: 10 Jan 2021


Catharine (?)
  • Marriage*: between 1786 and 1787; Marriage year based on birth date of first known child.; Principal=Catharine (?)2


Christina Heckman2 b. 9 Dec 1787
Esther Heckman+ 2,9 b. 27 Oct 1790, d. 21 Jul 1856
Abraham Heckman2 b. 30 Apr 1793
Isaac Heckman2 b. c 2 Oct 1795, d. 22 Jul 1878


  • Note*: Origins
    George Heckman's origins are unknown. Any help would be appreciated.

    He is not listed in Strassburger's Lists of Arrivals, so could have been born in America or immigrated as a family member.
  • Note: Probate
    Will of George Heckman of the Borough of Reading yeoman, written 8 March 1804, proved 17 October 1805, to my step daughter Hannah Reigle one spotted heifer upwards of two years old, to my wife Catharine Heckman all residual and remainder of my personal estate for the use of her Catharine Heckman and my four children born of her body, to wit, Abraham Heckman, Isaac Heckman, Christina Heckman and Ester Heckman. Executor wife. Witnesses: Jacob Gossin, Henry Betz. Signed by mark.

    Letters testamentary granted to Catharina Heckman widow sole executrix 17 Oct 1805.

    Inventory exhibited 11 Nov 1805, written in German, totaling £45.9.9.

    Administration account, exhibited 13 Oct 1806, and allowed at Orphans Court held at Reading 9 Jan 1807; no residual after expenses and reductions.

    Abstracted by Jeff Moore. Viewed on, Pennsylvania Probates, Berks County, 'Estates 1800-1850 Harner, Henry-Heffner, Esther, film 1818575', image 1950.2
  • Note: On 7 Nov 1799 "Georg Heckman and wife Catharina" sponsored the baptism of a child of Philip Bleiler, Samuel when 5 months 3 weeks old.4
  • Note: Wife's name:
    His wife's name is found in the will and the single baptism. No land sale records were found. No other contemporary George Heckman was found married to a Catharine.
  • Note: List of children:
    George Heckman's 1804 will lists four children Abraham, Isaac, Christina and Ester. George and his wife Catharine very likely had more children, but no documentary evidence identifies them.

    Four children of these names are among the Schwarzwald Reformed Church baptisms recorded by Rev. William Boas. Unfortunately Rev. Boas did not record the mother's names. He recorded fifteen baptisms with fathers named Georg Heckman. From the proximity of the birth dates it is obvious that the baptisms were for at least two fathers named George Heckman.

    But the names Abraham, Isaac, Christina and Ester are unique in that list of fifteen baptisms. Also these names do not come up as children in probates of other contemporary Berks County George Heckmans. So it is reasonably certain that the four children in the 1804 will correspond to the four baptisms. In the case of Esther, a third documentary source gives her birth date, which corresponds to the baptism information, thereby better linking her to the George Heckman of the 1804 will.5,6
  • Note: Not to be confused with:

    George Heckman of Reading with will probated in 1805 is not to be confused with four contemporary George Heckmans, three fairly well documented. Furthermore he has not been found by this compiler to be related to these George Heckmans:

    First, Johann George Heckman of Alsace Township, whose intestate estate was probated in 1835.

    His will names thirteen children, and the grandchildren of one who was deceased: Peter, Jacob, Samuel, John, Adam, William, & Daniel, Mary Magdalena m. Henry Smeek, Susanna m. John Smeek, Catharine Shar?-Elizabeth m. Peter Biez?, Hannah m. Brieley? Wagner, and deceased son George with children George, Peter, Aaron & Esther m. Daniel Miller.
    He owned three tracts of land in that township of 196, 38 & 28 acres, the sale of which can be readily found in the probate and Berks County deeds.
    He is said to be the son of Johann Adam Heckman who died testate 1778.
    He is said to have married 1775 at St. Gabriels, Douglasville Maria Magdalena Hamm.

    Second, George Heckman of Ruscomb Manor, whose intestate estate was probated in 1822.

    He was a child of Johann George Heckman (above, estate probated 1835), the deceased son George.
    Letters of Administration (Vol. 9 p. 5) were granted to Esther Heckman widow and John Scheadt brother-in-law.
    His wife Esther's will was probated in Berks County in 1842.
    His son Peter requested a guardian (Orphan's Court, Vol. 8, p. 139).
    His son George Heckman tanner & wife Sophia sold some of the grandfather's land: awarded recognizance 8 Jan 1836 (in 1822 probate); sold 26 Mar 1836, Deed Vol. 43, p. 270, image 138.

    Third, George Heckman brickmaker of Reading, whose will was probated 1812.

    The executor appointed in the will renounced, and letters of administration were granted to his widow Charlotte.
    Charlotte Heckman widow of George Heckman requested appointment of a guardian for children Catharine, Elizabeth and William who were under the age of fourteen (Vol 5, p. 147).
    Burial 7/14/1812 age 47, Reading First Reformed.
    In 1812 the sheriff sold this George Heckman's brickyard for debts owed.
    In 1838 Charlotte Heckman with others sold two Reading lots (Deed Book 44, pp. 472, 474). Possibly this was the same Charlotte. See Schwarzwald marriage 1793 Georg Heckman and Elizabetha Knorr.
    Burial Charlotte relict of George 1/31/1863 age 88/2/8, Reading First Reformed.

    Also, another George Heckman source cannot be placed:

    Schwarzwald Church burials list: Heckman, Georg, his wife; born 3 Mar 1738; buried 16 Sept 1783; 45/6/10.
  • Note: Land

    On 1 Dec 1800 Adam Ege of the Borough of Reading yeoman and his wife granted to George Heckman of the Borough of Reading yeoman, in consideration of £10.2.5 in gold and silver amount money of Pennsylvania, a lot in the Borough of Reading containing one acre and three perches, lot number 44 in the general plan laid out by Edmund Physick at and adjoining the Town of Reading, part of two contiguous lots, between lots 43, 49, 48 & 46, by a road leading to Prince Street.
    Recorded 6 Dec 1800 Berks County Deeds Book 17 page 296.

    This may or may not have belonged to George of the 1805 probate. This compiler could not find the sale.7
  • Note: A George Heckman appears in tax records and Revolutionary soldier rosters. But it is inconclusive as to which George was being listed.
  • Note: Baptismal sponsors:

    The surnames Kuntzman and Gereth are associated with Heckmans as co-sponsors in the Schwarzwald baptism records. Some children of Johann Adam Heckman (father of the George Heckman with probate 1835) married Kuntzmans and Gereths. But no clear relationship to this George Heckman is apparent.8


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