Francis Ensor Prendergast Collection


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    Test #1: Save PDF files with different values of the 'Magnification' property, 11/15/19

         Goal: PDF files have a property 'Initial View, Magnification'. See if this property makes a difference to display in browsers.
         Finding: Made no difference. Both Chrome and Firefox browsers opened the pdfs to the same width regardless of the setting.

    Test #2: Demonstrate sharpness of scans, 11/15/19

         Goal: Determine if the PDF files created by the Epson scanner software are reasonably sharp, by comparing to a larger JPG.
         Finding: PDF files scanned at 300 dpi are reasonably sharp at normal reading zoom levels..
         Scans settings for most all files on main page: 24-bit Color; 300 dpi; Unsharp mask checked; Tone Correction: Darken
         For this test: scan single page at a time and vary only dpi & file type: