Not all direct ancestors have been traced back to their immigrant ancestors.  And for a few supposed immigrant ancestors, the information is just too sketchy.

Listed below are the dead ends - the individuals whose wives, parents or origins could not be found.  This list is organized by earliest known place and time.


 New England

  • John Furman - wife unknown. They had a son Josias born at Watertown, Mass. about 1632.
  • Mary - maiden name unknown. Second wife of John Smith, Quartermaster, whom she married after he immigrated to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1635.
  • Rev. John Moore (abt 1611-1657) - first wife unknown, mother of John Moore. She may have died in England or immigrated to Massachusetts with her husband about 1641. See cited NYGBR article.
  • John Reeder - wife unknown, mother of John Reeder. John and she were probably married in Massachusetts by 1643, and removed to Long Island by 1656. She outlived her husband who died about 1660.
  • Rev. John Prudden (1645-1725) - wife unknown, mother of Joanna Prudden. John, born in Connecticut, resided on Long Island, a Presbyterian preacher.
  • Keziah (-1780) - maiden name unknown. Wife of Benjamin Pelton (1698-1775) who was born in Rhode Island, married about 1719, with children baptized at Huntington, Long Island 1724 - 1743.

 Long Island and New York

  • Thomas Reed (-abt 1662) - parents and origins unknown. He resided on Long Island in the 1650s and 1660s.
  • Ralph Hunt (-1677) - wife or wives unknown. He immigrated about 1652 and settled at Newtown, Long Island. The dates of his children's births are also unknown, but from the dates of their marriages, some could either have been brought to America as young children, or could have been born here.
  • Josias Furman (abt 1632-1709) - first wife unknown. He settled in Hempstead, Long Island by 1657. He had probably three wives, and the first, the mother of his older children, is unknown.
  • David Crawford - wife unknown. He came to New Amsterdam probably in 1662, bringing his teenage daughter Jane. His wife may have already died, or may have immigrated also.
  • John Bailey - origins unknown. In 1664 he purchased from the Indians the land for Elizabeth, New Jersey. He may have resided at Guilfort, Connecticut in 1642. He may or may not have been an immigrant.
  • John Bailey - wife unknown, mother of Elias Bailey. She might have resided at various towns on Long Island in the 1650s and 1660s or died earlier in Connecticut. She may or may not have been an immigrant.
  • Elias Bailey - wife unknown, mother of Mary Bailey. Only two of her children are known, one born on Long Island about 1666.
  • Lambert Woodward (-abt 1690) - wife unknown, mother of Margaret Woodward. Lambert immigrated to New York in 1666 and resided in Newtown, Long Island. His wife may or may not have immigrated with him.
  • Jasper Smith (#2) (abt 1678-1770) - wife unknown, mother of John Smith (#6) and Joshua Smith (#11). Jasper removed from Brooklyn to Maidenhead Twp., New Jersey in 1699, where he resided until his death in 1770. She outlived him.
  • Susannah (-1702) - maiden name unknown. Wife of Robert Field who was born about 1632 and brought to New York by 1645. They resided at Flushing, Long Island and Newtown, Long Island.
  • Edward Hunt (1684-abt 1757) - wife unknown, mother of Eleanor Hunt (1728-1799). Edward was born at Newtown, Long Island, and came to Hunterdon Co., New Jersey about 1716. See note under Edward regarding her identity.
  • Rebecca Wilkins (-abt 1757) - parents and origins unknown. Wife of Thomas Hackney. In 1714 Thomas was to marry Rebecca at Newtown, Long Island, so presumably she was from there.
  • Daniel Howell (1680-1732) - origins and parents unknown. He died in 1732, a resident of Trenton, New Jersey. He may have come from Long Island. He may or may not have been an immigrant.
  • Daniel Howell (1680-1732) - wife unknown, mother of Phebe Howell. She may or may not have been the wife Mary named in Daniel's will. Daniel and she would have married about 1706.

 New Jersey

  • William Foster (-aft 1709) - parents and origins unknown. May have been born in Rhode Island, or may have immigrated straight to New Jersey in 1680s or 1690s. Appears in Quaker meeting minutes in 1704, residing in Mansfield Township, Burlington County.
  • Mary (-abt 1709) - maiden name unknown. Wife of William Foster whose origins are also unknown.
  • Robert Lanning (abt 1668-abt 1752) - wife unknown, mother of Daniel Lanning. Robert removed from Newton, Long Island to Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1699, and probably married there.
  • Thomas Hackney (-1758) - parents and origins unknown. In 1714 Thomas requested permission from his Burlington, New Jersey Meeting of Quakers to marry Rebecca Wilkins at Newtown, Long Island. They resided in Chester Township, Burlington County.
  • John Burroughs (abt 1684-1772) - wife unknown, mother of James Burroughs (abt 1735-1784). John came to New Jersey at age 21, so it is likely that they married there.
  • Samuel Hopper (-1766) parents and origins unknown. He married Mary Johnson of Burlington in 1734. They resided in Greenwich Twp., Gloucester County, New Jersey.
  • Mary Johnson - parents and origins unknown. Wife of Samuel Hopper (-1766). They married as Quakers at Burlington, New Jersey in 1734.
  • Joseph Jones (-1782) - parents and origins unknown. He married Elizabeth Hart who was born about 1715. He died testate in 1782 in Trenton Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.
  • Mary Snowden (1738-1798) - parents and origins unknown. Wife of Daniel Scudder. Mary's father's name is said to be William Snowden, but he has not been identified. She married about 1760, they resided and died in Ewing Twp. in what is now Mercer Co., New Jersey.
  • William Wilkins (-1774) - parents and origins unknown. He died testate in 1774, a resident of Deptford Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey.
  • William Wilkins (-1774) - wife unknown, mother of Elizabeth Wilkins.
  • Martha Biles (abt 1767-1848) - mother not identified. Her father and grandfather are both possibly named Alexander Biles, and are possibly descendants of Charles Biles, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1679, and who had a son Alexander Biles. This is a brick wall of interest. See evaluation of evidence under Alexander Biles.


  • Christiana Brown (-1752) - origins and parents unknown. She was the second wife of George Shoemaker (abt 1663-abt 1740), marrying about 1711, mother of seven children, residing Germantown, Philadelphia county. The Shoemaker and associated families have been the subject of much published research, but she has not been identified.
  • Elizabeth Parr - parents unknown. She married in 1728 Benjamin Pearson (1705-), both then of Philadelphia, and they settled nearby. She may have been the daughter or a relative of Samuel Parr (-1750).
  • Pleasant Mead (abt 1717-1786) - parents and origins unknown. Wife of William Satterthwaite, married as Quakers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1736. See the long note on her page regarding her possible parentage.
  • Joseph Rüttner (abt 1720-1794) - parents and origins unknown. He may or may not have been an immigrant. He resided in Berks county, Pennsylvania from 1768 or earlier.
  • Barbara (-abt 1781) - maiden name unknown, first wife of Joseph Rüttner (abt 1720-1794). Their names appear together in the Catholic Goshenhoppen Registers in 1768, 1779 and 1781.
  • Anna Maria (-abt 1775) - maiden name unknown, wife of Michael F. Allgair (-1785) who had immigrated in 1751, with first child born about 1753 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania .
  • Frederick Hummel (1726-1779) - parents and origins unknown. He first appears in 1753 living on Swatara Creek, in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. His possible origins have been extensively and unsuccessfully researched by others.
  • Rosina (1732-1768) - maiden name unknown. Wife of Frederick Hummel (1726-1779). Called Rosina Kauffer in modern sources, without further evidence. There were four contemporary Kueffer families in the church where her first son was baptized.
  • Rachel (1757-1835) - maiden name unknown. Wife of Frederick Hummel (1758-1802). Frequently said to be the daughter of a Jacob Ricker, but evidence is lacking. Several Jacob Rickers lived in Dauphin county.
  • John Lesher (~1739-1811) - parents and origins unknown. First appears at his 1753 marriage in Bucks County.
  • Maria Agatha (-d. ~1765) - maiden name unknown. Immigrated with her husband John Wolfart and their children from Germany in 1739.