Alexander Biles1,2

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Father: Alexander Biles b. c 1720



Martha Biles+ 1,2 b. c 1767, d. 19 Jun 1848


  • Note*: "William [Anthony], who died 1831, aged 66, son of George, married Martha, daughter of Alexander Biles, of Maidenhead. She died 1848, aged 81."1
  • Note: "He [Thomas Jefferson Biles] living with his grandfather [William Biles, husband of Mary Opdike] saw some of them often and knew them well. His grandfather had one brother Alexander, who had only one daughter Martha, who married Wm. Anthony."2
  • Note: There were two, three or four persons named Alexander Biles in Hunterdon County, New Jersey from the 1690s to at least 1782. See a list of these persons and a list of events for this name, listed in this database under Alexander Biles, the son of Charles Biles (1665-~1696) and Sarah Wood (~1670-1731). Some of those listed events probably pertain to this Alexander Biles, the said father of Martha (Biles) Anthony.


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  2. [S254] Letters from John A. Biles (1858-1929), Wyalusing, Penn. to Warren S. Ely, dated 4 April 1927 & 9 May 1927, relating conversations he had 22 Feb 1883 with brothers Thomas Jefferson Biles, Israel Biles and Charles Biles, residents of Trenton New Jersey. The letters are contained in the section entitled "Biles and allied families of Tindall", from the "Ely Collection, by Warren S. and Josephine I. Ely", call number "FC Bi", at Historical Society of Pennsylvania. See key note under Thomas Jefferson Biles.