Sidney Taylor Berghaus1

F, #3016, b. 20 August 1848, d. 19 October 1925
Last Edited: 10 Apr 2013


Father: Charles Louis Berghaus1 b. c 1803
Mother: Mary Walborn Hummel1 b. 15 Jan 1814, d. 24 Oct 1892

Family 1:

John George Haggerty b. c 16 Aug 1842, d. 11 Oct 1874
  • Marriage*: 20 January 1870; Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania; St. Patrick's Cathedral (Catholic): "Book IV, page 3; January 20, 1870 Joined in Marriage were Joannem (John) G. Haggerty and Sidney T. Berghaus. Witness: Lancaster Repplier; Priest: Rev. Richard J. Barry"; Principal:John George Haggerty3


Mary Theresa Haggerty3 b. 19 Oct 1870
Catherine Repplier Haggerty3 b. 14 Oct 1872
John George Haggerty3 b. 19 Dec 1874, d. 27 Jan 1883

Family 2:

Jacob Lancaster Repplier b. 15 May 1844, d. 21 Apr 1901
  • Marriage*: 25 December 1879; St. Patrick's Harrisburg records: "Book IV, page 28; December 25, 1879 Joined Jacob Lancaster Repplier and Sidney Taylor Haggerty in Marriage; Witnesses: Louis McHenna and Lucy Anna Repplier; Priest: Rev. Michael J McBride"; Principal:Jacob Lancaster Repplier3


Sidney Joseph Repplier7 b. 5 Jan 1881
Mary Josephine McGauley Repplier 8 b. 19 Mar 1882
John George Repplier9 b. 23 May 1884, d. 25 Jul 1962


  • Note*: Sidney appears to have been named after Sidney Taylor, the wife of her uncle George.

    Sidney T. Berghaus is named as the child of Charles L. Berghaus in his will, and in depositions for his brother George's probate. She is named as Sidney T. Haggerty in her mother's will.

    Sidney's first husband John G. Haggerty died two months before the birth of their third child. All these three children died young - John at age nine, and Mary possibly at age seventeen. Sidney's two husbands were first cousins - John Haggerty's mother, Teresa Repplier, and Jacob Repplier's father, John George Repplier, were sister and brother.

    Religion. Sidney and her siblings were baptized at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Harrisburg , and she is listed there as a communicant in 1866. She married as a Catholic in 1870, and remained of that faith. Her mother and siblings remained lifelong Episcopalians. The site says that Sidney broke with her son Sidney over his conversion from Catholicism to the Episcopal faith.
  • Note: Abstract of 1903 deed, Harrisburg:
    By indenture made 1 April 1903 Fanny W. McConkey widow of Harrisburg, V. Hummel Berghaus of Harrisburg and his wife Louisa C. Berghaus, Sidney T. Repplier widow of Reading, Eliza B. McCreath wife of Andrew S. McCreath, and Mary E. Berghaus single woman of Harrisburg, in consideration of $7,500, granted to Andrew S. McCreath, husband of Eliza B. McCreath, of Harrisburg a house and lot in Harrisburg on Market Street, having a three story brick building, located 68 feet from Market Square, fronting Market Street for 21' 9", and 52' 6" deep.
    The property was part of a larger tract conveyed by Christian Kunkie's executors to Valentine Hummel by deed dated 1 April 1828 and recorded in Dauphin County Deed Book B, Vol. 2 page 114.
    Valentine Hummel died 4 September 1870, and by his will, proved 8 September 1870 in Dauphin County, bequeathed this lot with various other properties to Mary W. Berghaus, Caroline R Hallemam [Haldeman], Richard H Hummel and Elizabeth H Reily, with provisions providing for son Franklin, and for renting houses until the youngest grandchild reached the age of twenty one.
    The heirs of Valentine Hummel sold their interest in the house and lot to Mrs. Mary W. Berghaus by deed dated 20 April 1885, recorded in Dauphin Deed Book 8? Vol. C[6?] page 523.
    Mary W. Berghaus died 24 October 1892, and by her will proved in Dauphin County 28 October 1892, bequeathed this house and lot, as part of the residual, to her children Frannie, V. Hummel, Sidney T. (now Sidney T. Repplier), Eliza and Mary E.
    Recorded 24 April 1903 Dauphin Co. Vol. 11, Book M, pages 506-510. Abstracted by compiler, from photocopy obtained from county.
  • Note: Abstract of 1906 deed, Harrisburg:
    By indenture dated 12 November 1906 Sidney T. (Haggerty) Repplier widow of Reading in consideration of $2,000 granted to her brother Rev. V. Hummel Berghaus of Harrisburg her one fifth interest in a brick house and lot in Harrisburg at 109 South Front Street, measuring 26'3" on Front St. and extending back 210'.
    Mary W. Berghaus, who died 24 October 1892, by her will probated 28 October 1892 and recorded in Dauphin Co. Will Book M page 348, had bequeathed the house and lot to her children Fannie W., V. Hummel, Sidney T., Eliza, and Mary. Sidney T. Berghaus had since married J Lancaster Repplier (then deceased).
    Recorded 3 September 1907, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, Vol. 13, Book E, pages 568-570. (Abstracted by compiler, from photocopy obtained from county.)
  • Note: Sidney B Repplier received a widow's pension, under the Act of April 19, 1908, based on the Civil War service of her husband J. Lancaster Repplier as a Corporal in Company A of the 128th Regiment Pennsylvania Vol. Infantry.

    The application was prepared by attorney William H. K. Bush of Reading, submitted 9 January 1914, and approved 11 Sept 1914. The rate was $12 per month initially and $30 at the time of her death.

    The application file contains declarations by the widow regarding J. Lancaster Repplier's service, their marriage, and her first marriage. She declared that her former husband John G. Haggerty was never in the service. The file includes certified copies of the death records of J. L. Repplier and John G. Haggerty, letters from the Harrisburg Cathedral rector regarding her two marriages there, a letter from the Reading St. Peter's rector regarding J. L. Repplier's burial, and affidavits from friends, relatives and aldermen who knew her and J. L. Repplier. The application has no questions or statements regarding the widow's income or assets.5
  • Note: On 17 January 1914 Sidney T. Repplier was granted letters of administration on two estates, that of her mother-in-law Teresa M. Haggerty, and that of her husband's aunt Lucy A. Repplier. See abstracts in this database under those persons.
  • Note: Records of Mount Calvary Cemetery, Harrisburg, Pa. (Catholic):
    "Blk I Lot 97-2 Sidne B Repplier, 1925
    Blk I Lot 97-1 Jacob Repplier, 1901
    Blk I Lot 97-4 Jon C Haggerty, year unknown
    Blk I Lot 99, grave unknown, John George Haggerty, 1883
    Blk I Lot 99-1 Mary Haggerty, 1887"6
  • Note: Abstract of will of Sidney T. Repplier, widow, of Reading, Berks County, Penn.
    Will written 18 August 1925, proven 2 November 1925, died 29 Oct 1925,
    $1,750 to Catholic charities and priest in Reading; $1,000 to friend Anna M. Heichel; $500 to Ethel A. Clifton; jewelry and personal effects and property at No. 245 South Fifth, Reading to daughter Mary Repplier Cook; any real estate in California to son John George Repplier; residual equally to sons Sidney J. Repplier, John G. Repplier, and daughter Mary Repplier Cook.
    Executor George J Gross; witnesses Anna M. Heichel, Ethel A Clifton.
    Distribution to three children $14,114.33 each.
    Recorded Berks County 1925. Abstracted by compiler from photocopy from the county.


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