Henry C. Berghaus1

M, #2999, b. circa 1775, d. 17 November 1859
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Anna (?) b. c 1786, d. a Oct 1855


George Hermann Berghaus1 b. 25 Sep 1802, d. 26 Dec 1869
Charles Louis Berghaus+ 1 b. c 1803
Eliza Berghaus+1 b. c 1808, d. 12 Dec 1899


  • Immigration*: before 1812; Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland4
  • Note*: Around 1810 to 1812 Henry Berghaus and his family immigrated from Germany to Baltimore, where he manufactured boxes and barrels. They then removed about 35 miles to Manchester, a small, German speaking, agricultural community. Encountering financial difficulties, he may have returned to Baltimore about 1822. By 1835 he removed to Harrisburg Pennsylvania, where he and Anna resided for the rest of their lives. They may have moved to Harrisburg much earlier, as their daughter Eliza married there in 1830. In Harrisburg he was a merchant, of lumber and dry goods. Though buried from the Evangelical Lutheran Church, they were not active members. Henry appears to have suffered twice from the financial failings of his son George.
  • Note: 1812 Fry's Baltimore Directory:
    H. C. Berghaus
    Occupation: drum manufacturer, box manufacturer
    Address: 11, New Church Street, Baltimore, Maryland Co.

    Baltimore Directory and Register for 1814-15
    Henry C. Berghaus
    Occupation: drum maker
    Address: New Church Street near St. Paul's Lane, Baltimore5
  • Note: Baltimore county land purchases by Henry C. Berghaus:
    1) 1818; Ass't; 144:262; Lot in Manchester; Grantee Henry C. Berghaus
    2) 1818; Ass't; 146:340; Lot in Manchester 1 3/4 acres; Grantee Henry C. Berghaus
    3) 1821; Mortgage; 160:439; 11 1/2 a, 3 lots in town of Manchester; Grantor Geo. H. Berghaus; Grantee Henry C. Berghaus
    4) 1822; Lease; 163:129; Pt. New Market 76 1/2 perches [about 1/2 acre]; Grantee Henry C. Berghaus6
  • Note: Baltimore County Court (Chancery Papers):
    Dates: 1821/03/22
    C508: Simon Becker vs. Henry C. Berghaus. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in Manchester

    Dates: 1825/03/07
    C487: Frederick Waesche vs. Henry C. Berghaus. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in Manchester7
  • Note: The Commissioners of Insolvent Debtors for the city of Baltimore held a meeting 13 Oct 1823 for the creditors of Henry C. Berghaus, an insolvent debtor, in preparation for a March court hearing. Sheriff's sales were held 1 June 1824, 12 June 1824 and 10 Sept 1824 for properties in Manchester, Baltimore County, Maryland, consisting of a two story brick house and four lots of ground containing two acres. The properties were seized at the suit of Peter M. Wortz, use of Charles and Jacob Baltzell.8
  • Note: Sheriff's sale: By deed dated 4 May 1825 Sheppard C Leakin late sheriff of Baltimore County, Maryland, in consideration of $25, sold to Henry Ebaugh and Jacob Yingling one two story brick house and four lots of ground containing two acres more or less situate in Manchester Baltimore County about 130 miles from Baltimore.

    The sheriff had taken the property from Henry C. Berghaus by virtue of a writ of Venditioni Exponas issued 1 July 1824 by the Court of Appeals for Western Shore of State of Maryland. The proceeds were to be awarded to Peter M Wortz who had won a judgement against Henry C. Berghaus on the 3rd Monday September 1821 in a Baltimore county court for the sum of $130 plus $200 damages plus $10.12 2/3rds costs. Berghaus had lost on appeal June 1823; sale was ordered 11 March 1824; the land remained unsold for want of buyers until this sale in 1825.

    Recorded 4 May 1825, Baltimore Co., Maryland, Bk 175, pp. 664-667. Abstracted by the compiler. Viewed on FHL microfilm # 13444.9
  • Note: In May 1840 the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled in favor of Henry C. Berghaus, regarding a promissory note Henry made in February 1836 for the debts of his son Doctor George H. Berghaus. The court found that the note applied to debts incurred in the first year, which had been paid, but did not apply to debts incurred after that. Philadelphia liquor merchants Alter, Taylor and Dewey had done business with George in Harrisburg from at least 7 Nov 1834 through 29 March 1837.10,11
  • Note: By 1843 Henry C. Berghaus was a lumber merchant at 34 Market, Harrisburg.
    (per http://dspace.udel.edu:8080/dspace/bitstream/19716/1499/1/harrisburg_1843.xls)
  • Note: Daily journal of Charles Rawn, an attorney in Harrisburg:
    September 21, 1835: "Brought 1/3 cord of Hickory wood from Berghaus (the old man) for $1 ½ (or at $4 ½ per cord) for Frances? Chamber & pd. "old Boon" for Sawing & Splitting the Same 25 cts."
    September 19, 1849: "Paid Old Mr. Berghaus for 50 lbs Brown Sugar $3 ¼ got of him this Evg."
    October 13, 1849: "left cash for 50 lbs got of Berghaus"12
  • Note: On 20 Aug 1844 Henry C. Berghouse of Harrisburg purchased lot in Harrisburg.13
  • Note: 1850 US Census: Henry C. and Anna Berkhouse and their son Charles S. Berghaus lived in the same ward in Harrisburg. Curiously Henry is described as a physician; this is the only document found calling him that.14
  • Note: A FindAGrave contributor, for the Harrisburg Cemetery, has provided a single picture of a tall monument, with information for six individuals:
    Henry C. Berghaus b. unknown d. ???.17, 1853; aged 8y 1m 17d
    Anna Berghaus b. unknown d. Aug 6 1852; aged 71y 10m 29d
    Dr. G. H. Berghaus b Sep 25 1802 d. Dec 26 1870. aged 68y 3m 1d
    John B. Klein, b. unknown, d. unknown
    Eliza H. D. Klein, b. unknown, d. Dec. 12, 1899
    Mary Ann Klein, d/o John D. & Eliza D. aged 3y 2m

    Presumably Henry's age should be read as "8_ y". Also the date given for Anna's death is inconsistent with her being named in her husband's will written 1855 or 1856. Also, note that the monument may not have been erected until the most recent date.15
  • Note: Will written 1 Oct 1855 [or 1856], proven 1 Dec 1859, letters granted 26 Dec 1860

    Names wife Anna, oldest son George H. Berghaus, dau. Eliza D. Klein, grandsons Theodore B. Klein and Henry S. Klein, son Charles L Berghaus, and unnamed minor children of Charles L Berghaus.

    Real estate: house and lot situated on the corner of South and Spruce Streets in Harrisburg. Lot No 11 Section D in the Harrisburg Cemetery. About $5,800 in stocks and bonds.

    Named executors were son George H. Berghaus and grandson Theodore B. Klein, but letters of administration were granted only to Klein, 26 Dec 1860.

    Witnessed by F. Wyeth, D. W. Geoss

    Dauphin Co., Pa., Wills Vol. 1G, p. 72-3. Abstracted by compiler. Viewed on FHL microfilm 21239.1
  • Note: Hass Depositions

    In the Louisiana probate file of George H. Berghaus is a document prepared 3 Feb 1870 by Harrisburg alderman F. W. Hass. The document was the proof presented to the Louisiana court identifying the heirs of George H. Berghaus. The document contains depositions taken from three Harrisburg citizens, James Wyeth, Valentine Hummel Jr., and E. Brisbend Boyd, all who knew the Berghaus family. No challenge was made to the facts in these depositions, and the court accepted them.

    The family descriptions given in the three depositions was nearly identical: That Henry Berghaus and his wife, both deceased, last resided in Harrisburg, and had three children, namely George H. Berghaus, Charles L. Berghaus, and Eliza L. Berghaus intermarried with Mr. Klein. Mr. Klein was deceased and widow Eliza resided in Harrisburg. Charles L. Berghaus was deceased and had last resided in Harrisburg. Charles L. Berghaus had married Mary W. Hummel, and they had five children now living, namely Fanny Berghaus intermarried with Elbridge McConkey, Rev. Valentine Hummel Berghaus, Sidney Berghaus intermarried with John Haggerty, and Ida and Mary. Ida and Mary were minors, Mary the youngest.

    Abstracted by the compiler. Cover letter and depositions are contained in the intestate succession (probate) file of George H. Berghaus of New Orleans, 1870, No. 33441. Viewed on FHL microfilm 568245.16


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