Thomas Bailey (#1)1

M, #2808, d. between January 1732 and May 1733
  • Marriage*: Principal:Mary (?)1
  • Death*: between January 1732 and May 17331
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Mary (?) d. a Jan 1732/33



  • Name Variation: Thomas Bayly
  • Name Variation: Thomas Bayley
  • Immigration*: before 1723; Pennsylvania; Thomas Bailey, his wife Mary and their children probably immigrated. No evidence of his immigration nor of American parentage has been found.
  • Note*: Will of Thomas Bailey of Makefield, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania

    Will written 4th January 1732, proven May 16th 1733.

    Names wife Mary, sons Thomas & Edward, daughter Mary Ellet and grandchild Mary Ellet, daughter Ann Gumley & grandchild Deborah Gumley.

    280 acre plantation that formerly belonged to James Makcomes to Thomas. 269 acre plantation that was Amos Janney's to Edward. Servant man & maiden to Edward.

    Executors sons Thomas & Edward. Witnesses Alexander A. Rickey, James Downey, Richard Hough. Downey & Hough appeared and gave solemn affirmation.

    Bucks Co., Penn., Register of Wills, Book 1, p. 205. Viewed on FHL #172899. Abstracted by the compiler.1
  • Note: Thomas Bayley (#1) purchased three properties in Bucks County: 275 acres in Makefield Township from Joseph Hough 1 May 1723 (Bucks Deeds 17:43), 280 acres in Falls Township from James McComb 24 Sept 1729 (18:258), and 264 acres in Makefield Township from Amos Janney 4 Sept 1732 (6:175).

    Of the 275 acres in Makefield Township purchased from James Hough, the record is confusing: first, 40 acres of the 275 were sold to John Chapman 2 Aug 1729 (17:43), but second, the entire 275 acre property was one of the two properties mortgaged to the General Loan Office 15 Oct 1729 (18:260).

    The 280 acres in Falls township purchased from James McComb were bequeathed in the will of Thomas #1 to his son Thomas #2; however that property was also mortgaged to the General Land Office 15 Oct 1729 (18:260). The mortgage payments were defaulted upon by either Thomas #1 or by his executors. Thomas #2, son of Thomas #1, purchased the two mortgaged properties as highest bidder at public auction 15 Oct 1734 (18:260).

    The 264 acres in Makefield township purchased of Amos Janney were bequeathed by Thomas #1 to his son Edward.2
  • Note: William W.H. Davis in his history of Bucks county asserted that Thomas Bailey was a bodice maker from Bristol, England, who came to America in 1682. This assertion has been repeated widely.

    This assertion was refuted by Gilbert Cope, the eminent Quaker researcher, in his book on the Chester county Baileys. Cope reviewed all the Baileys in England who had purchased Pennsylvania lands, and points out that Thomas Bailey, the bodice maker, sold his land while in England.

    This is demonstrated by the "Minutes of the Board of Property of the Province of Pennsylvania" as published in the Philadelphia Archives, 2nd series, Vol. 19:

    Minute Book "H", p. 631:
    "The Propretor, by Lease and Release, dated the 26 and 27th days of 7ber, 1681, granted to Thomas Bailey, of Bristol, in Great Britain, 250 Acres of Land in this Province, quitrent 1sh sterl'g p. C't. The said T. Bailey, by like Deeds, dat. ye 8th and 9th days of May, 1713, for £5 granted the said 250 acres to Edward Roberts, of Philad'a, who now requests Warr'ts to take up the same with the Lott and Lib. Land."

    Minute Book "I", p. 684:
    "The Prop'r, by Deeds Indented of Lease and Release, dated the 26th and 27th days of 7b'r, 1681, granted to Thomas Bayly, of Bristol, in Great Britain, 250 Acres of Land in this Province, quit. 1s sterling p. C't.
    "The said Thomas Bayly, by like Deeds dated the 8th and 9th days of May, 1713, for £5 granted the said 250 acres to Edward Roberts of Philad'a, who now desires warr'ts to take up the same, with the Lott and Liberty Land."3,4
  • Note: Deeds:
    1723 & 1729: Thomas Bayly of Makefield Twp. Bucks Co., yeoman, on 2 August 1729, in consideration of £28, granted to John Chapman a tract of 40 acres situated in Makefield, part of a 275 acre tract Thomas Bayly had purchased from Joseph Hough by lease and release dated 1st & 2nd of May 1723. The tract was described by metes and bounds; it adjoined lands of Andrew Ellett, Thomas Huile, Thomas Bayly and John Palmers. Recorded April 24 1775, Bucks Co. Bk 17, pp. 43-47. Abstracted by the compiler. Viewed on FHL # 172880.

    1729: James McComb of Falls Twp. Bucks Co., mason, and Grace his wife, on 24 September 1729, in consideration of £210, granted to Thomas Bayley of Bucks Co., yeoman, a tract of 280 acres situated in Falls Twp. in Bucks Co.. The tract is described by metes and bounds; it adjoins lands of John Darks, Edward Lucas and John Webster. Recorded Oct. 12, 1729, Bucks Co. Bk 18, pp. 258-259. Abstracted by the compiler. Viewed on FHL # 172880.

    1732: By lease and release dated September 4 & 5, 1732, Amos Janney of Makefield Twp. and his wife Mary granted to Thomas Bayley of Falls Twp., yeoman, in consideration of £380 a tract of land situated in Makefield containing 264 acres. The tract was part of 365 acres patented to Abel Janney in 1720, granted to Mahlon Stacy 1724, 264 a. to Amos Janney. The tract is described by metes and bounds; it stands by the river Delaware; corner by James Houghs; sides by Richard Houghs, Mahlon Stacey & land formerly Thomas Runsides. Recorded Sept 8, 1732, Bucks Co. Bk 6, pp. 175-178. Abstracted by the compiler. Viewed on FHL # 172874.2


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