Robert Lucas1

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Elizabeth (?) d. a Sep 1712


Giles Lucas1
Robert Lucas1
Elizabeth Lucas+1 d. 7 Aug 1712
Rebecca Lucas1 d. bt Feb 1747 - Aug 1748
Mary Lucas1
Sarah Lucas1
John Lucas1 b. 11 Jan 1654, d. 1719
Edward Lucas+ 1 b. c 1669, d. 4 May 1740


  • Immigration*: 4 June 1679; Pennsylvania; Robert Lucas arrived on the Delaware River on the ship "Elizabeth and Mary" of Waymouth.
  • Note*: ROBERT LUCAS, of Deverall, Longbridge, in the County of Wilts, yeoman. Arrived in this river the 4th of the 4th Mo., 1679, in the "Elizabeth and Mary," of Waymouth.
    ELIZABETH, his wife, arrived in the ship the "Content," of London, the Mr., William Jonson, in the 7th Mo., 1680.
    Children, John, his son, born the 11th 11th Mo., 1654, Giles, Edward, Robert, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Mary, & Sarah.1
  • Note: Robert Lucas, as one of the residents of the new town near the Falls, signed a 12 April 1680 petition to the governor of New York requesting a ban on selling strong liquors to the Indians, and another dated 13 September 1680 charging neighbors Gilbert Wheeler and William Biles with selling rum to the Indians.3
  • Note: 13 September 1681 Robert Lucas sat on the bench with others at the Upland Court, under Penn's
    deputy governor William Markham (p. 175).

    1683 Robert Lucas was a member of the provincial assembly (p. 700).

    11 February 1685 the Bucks county court appointed men to lay out a particular road "with the
    assistance of Robert Lucas, a surveyor" (p. 184).

    December 1685 Robert Lucas and another were elected high-constables (p. 193).

    1692 a case was brought against Robert Lucas for his shooting an ox. No damages were awarded
    as the ox was so little harmed. (p. 242)4
  • Note: Robert Lucas obtained two tracts of land in Bucks county.

    The first tract contained 177 acres, and its location can be seen on the Thomas Holmes map. The property fronted the Delaware River, about seven properties south of the Falls. According to Battle's book, starting in 1678 lands in this area were granted under the authority of Gov. Andros and the Upland Court, surveying began in 1680, and few records have survived, and Robert Lucas was located there soon after his family arrived in 1680. (Battle, p. 114-5). In 1684 William Penn confirmed that he had sold the land to Robert Lucas (Patent, Bucks Co. Deeds 2:173). In 1702 a warrant for the resurvey of the tract was recorded for Robert's son Edward Lucas (PHMC, Copied Survey Books, D-68, p. 124).

    The second tract contained 322 acres. It was located just south of the Falls, the third tract west of the Delaware. When townships boundaries were established in 1692, the northern most lands in Falls Township included that of widow Lucas (Battle, p. 190 & 439). In terms of the Holmes map, it lay just west of the Jeffrey Hawkins tract. Robert Lucas had purchased it from William Penn. A warrant for a survey for 200 acres was recorded in 1682 (PHMC, Copied Survey Books, D-68, p. 91). A warrant for a resurvey of the 244 acre tract for Robert Lucas son of Robert Lucas was recorded 19th of 3rd mo 1702 (PHMC, Copied Survey Books, D-68, p. 123), and the survey was returned 18th of 9th mo 1702 for 322 acres (PHMC, Copied Survey Books, D-68, p. 134).5
  • Note: In December 1697 the heirs of Robert Lucas went in to court and had recorded on December 16th three Bucks county land transactions (Bucks Co. Penn. Deeds, vol 2., page 172-174. FHL microfilm 172872).

    First was a patent, dated 31st day 5th month 1684, from William Penn confirming that he had sold to Robert Lucas a tract of land in Bucks county of 177 acres. The patent describes the land by metes and bounds; the land fronted the Delaware River, and adjoined that of Joshua Board. (p. 173)

    Second was a deed, dated 4th day 10th month 1697, by which Robert Lucas sold to his brother Edward Lucas his half interest in the same 177 acre tract for £60, which half interest he had inherited by the terms of the will, dated 6th day 10th month 1687, of their father Robert Lucas. Robert [the son] signs by his mark. (p. 172)

    Third was a deed, dated 6th day 10th month 1697, by which Elizabeth Lucas relict and executrix of Robert Lucas deceased and their sons Giles and Edward Lucas sold to Robert Lucas, the brother of Giles and Edward, a tract of land in Bucks county of 244 acres for £60, which tract Robert Lucas senior had purchased from William Penn and had given to his wife Elizabeth by his will dated 6th day 10th month 1687. Some adjoining properties are named, that of Jeffrey Hawkings to the north, Peter Webster to the east and William Dark to the south. Elizabeth signs by her mark, while Giles & Edward sign. (p. 173-4)

    In short by these last two transactions: 1) For £60 Edward got full ownership of the 144 acres on the Delaware originally inherited jointly with brother Robert, and 2) Robert exchanged his half interest in the 144 acres for the 244 acres at Manenges[?] originally inherited by his mother Elizabeth, and 3) Elizabeth, John and Giles got £60 for the 244 acres.6
  • Note: Abstract of will:
    Robert Lucas, in co. of Bucks, written 6 day 10 mo 1687.
    Gives my now wife Elizabeth 245 acres at Manenges[?].
    Gives sons Edward & Robert plantation by riverside where I now liveth jointly.
    Gives sons Giles & John jointly 200 acres lying between lands of William Brion & William Darke.
    Divides personal estate equally between wife & all children.
    Wife to be guardian of minor children, unless she remarries & then all sons.
    Witnesses George Browne & Daniel Sleng[?].
    Administration requested December 21 1703 by son Edward, wife Elizabeth declining.
    (Philadelphia Will Book A, page 330, #122. Abstracted by compiler; will viewed on FHL Microfilm #21721.)7


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