Pleasant Mead1,2,3

F, #2697, b. circa 1717, d. after August 1786
  • Birth*: circa 1717; Three authors all give different dates of birth. None give a source.
    Satterthaite: 12.22.1717
    Callahan: Dec 27 1717
    Prichard: 22 Mar 1717
  • Marriage*: 15 April 1736; Middletown Twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; <15th day of 2nd month 1736>; Principal:William Satterthwaite4
  • Death*: after August 1786; Pleasant was alive at the time her husband wrote his will.
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William Satterthwaite b. 25 Mar 1709, d. bt 30 Aug 1786 - 8 Feb 1788


Michael Satterthwaite3 b. 27 Oct 1737, d. 7 Feb 1737
Esther Satterthwaite3 b. 2 Jun 1739
William Satterthwaite3 b. 22 Feb 1740
Ann Satterthwaite+ 3 b. 2 Feb 1742, d. a Apr 1810
Pleasant Satterthwaite3 b. 21 Jul 1745
Rebecca Satterthwaite3 b. 28 Sep 1748
Susannah Satterthwaite3 b. 21 Feb 1749
Sarah Satterthwaite3 b. 28 Dec 1752
Mary Satterthwaite3 b. 5 Oct 1755
John Satterthwaite3 b. 7 Mar 1758
Clement Satterthwaite3 b. 1 Aug 1760


  • Note*: Isaac Hodgson, of the Falls Twp., in his will written 31 Aug 1767, bequeaths £5 to Pleasant Mead. The will is witnessed by William Satterthwaite, John Bayley, James Neele. This Pleasant Mead could be either the mother or her daughter.5
  • Note: The parents of Pleasant Mead are not known or, at least, they certainly are not proven.

    Pleasant Mead is said to be the sister of William and Samuel Mead, based on the 1747 letter from them to her husband William Satterthwaite, as quoted in A. M. Prichard's book. The letter also indicates that their mother was alive, living in Bucks county.

    A fair amount is known about William and Samuel. They both had married in Bucks county, Penn., and in the 1740s each moved to the Leesburg area of Virginia, in Prince William county, later Loudoun county. No direct evidence of their parentage has been published.

    In 1726 a John Mead married in Nottingham Monthly Meeting, Chester county, Penn. His father, per the marriage certificate, was a William Mead of Cecil county, Maryland. Cecil county adjoins Nottingham township, and is roughly 100 miles from Leesburg. John Mead moved to the same area near Leesburg. A fair amount is also known about his life.

    G. C. Callahan, in his 1902 Williams and Mary Quarterly article, asserted that John Mead was the brother of William, Samuel, Pleasant and others, and that they all were the children of William Mead. Callahan gave no supporting evidence; this was asserted in just a single sentence. A. M. Prichard in his 1933 book on the Meads quoted Callahan assertion, but then says "it is just supposed that the three were brothers" (p. 15).

    This compiler has found no evidence in the published records that indicates John was the brother of William and Samuel.

    Some WorldConnect databases state that the mother of Pleasant Mead was Elizabeth Mead, the first witness on Pleasant's Falls Meeting marriage certificate. Typically parents are the first witnesses. But this evidence is not nearly conclusive; she might simply have been the only Mead relative present. The Elizabeth Mead who witnesses the Falls Meeting marriage certificate of a possible sister Rachel, signs after brothers William and Samuel, and after a possible uncle and a possible cousin. Elizabeth does not witness Samuel's marriage certificate, also at Falls Meeting.

    Pleasant's marriage certificate reads "having consent of relations and persons concerned", rather than the "having consent of parents", suggesting that her parents were not alive, or were both too far away to have written their consent or to have witnessed the marriage.

    Granted it is possible that the parents could have been living in different states with the children separated. But this was not at all common. Callahan may have combined separate families.
  • Note: See the Mena Mead WorldConnect database for many more Mead family findings.


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