John Michener1

M, #2272, d. before 1747
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Sarah Moore d. b 1747


Mary Michener1 d. 24 Aug 1696
Sarah Michener1 b. 24 Apr 1687
Rebekah Michener1 b. 1 Dec 1692
Hannah Michener1 b. 1 Dec 1692
William Michener1 b. 14 Dec 1696
John Michener1 b. 29 Nov 1701, d. Jan 1766
Elizabeth Michener+ 1 b. 29 Nov 1701, d. a 1775


  • Immigration*: before 1696; Pennsylvania
  • Note*: "John and Sarah Michener are said to have come from Westmoreland, England. If so, the name does not occur in the Friends' Registers for that county, nor is there a record of their having brought a certificate to Philadelphia Monthly Meeting...The births of all their children except Mary are recorded by Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, but it does not follow that these were all born here...However, as Mary died here 6-24-1696, it follows that the children born after that date, must have been born here.
    "John Michener was made an executor of the will of John Martin, of Philadelphia, signed November 8, 1702..."
    In 1715 John Michener removed from the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting to the Abington Monthly Meeting.
    In 1713 he was chosen as one of two overseers for the Horsham [preparative] Meeting.
    " will or record of any estate of his has been found."3
  • Note: The date of John Michener's death has not been established. It is not listed in the Abington Meeting records, as one would expect. And no will or administration has been found.
    Clarence V. Roberts cites a 1747 deed which indicates that both John and his wife probably died between March 1723 and June 1747: The 1747 deed is for the sale, in fee simple, for 212 acres of land by Samuel Preston Moore and Richard Hill to the son John Michener. The 1747 deed cites a 1723 indenture that had granted the land to the son John Michener during the life times of John the son and his parents John and Sarah Mitchener, "the longest liver of them".
    Anna E. Shaddinger in her first book stated "The only dates I can find for their deaths are in The Friend, Vol.32, pg.340: "Sarah Michener died 1757." Same source, Vol.33, pg.300: "John Michener died 1765." In her second book these statements were removed from the chapter on John senior, and the 1766 date was assigned correctly to the son John.3,4,5
  • Note: Abstract of marriage certificate, from records of the Friends Monthly Meeting of Dorking and Horsham in the county of Sussex and Surrey: John Michener of [indecipherable] in the county of Sussex and Sarah Moore of same. Married 5th day of 6th month 1686 at the house of William Penn in Worminghurst in Sussex. Signed by John Michener & Sarah Moore her mark now Michener. Witness lists does not appear to have any Micheners or Moores, does include Will Penn & Gulielma Maria Penn.2


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