John Kinsey1

M, #1874, d. 11 October 1677
  • Death*: 11 October 1677; Burlington, Burlington Co., New Jersey; "John Kinsey, allias Kelsey Latte of Hadnam in Hartfortsheere being taken with a violent feavor & Payne in his Bowles about 8 days Passed out of ye Body ye 11th of ye 8th moth & was Layd in ye ground ye 14th of ye same 1677."2,3
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Elizabeth Kinsey+ 4 d. 18 Nov 1720
John Kinsey d. 28 Aug 1689


  • Immigration*: August 1677; New Jersey
  • Note*: John Kinsey of Herts was a proprietor, that is, he had purchased a one hundredth share of the Province of West Jersey. Also he was one of the ten commissioners initially appointed by the Trustees. He was among the seven commissioners aboard the ship 'Kent', which arrived on the Delaware in August 1677. Like most all the proprietors, he was a Quaker.

    "The early 'south county' proprietors...obtained proprieties individually or in small groups at the prevailing price of £350 a share...William Perkins of Leicestor, owner of a propriety, died on the 'Kent' during the voyage, and John Kinsey of Hertford died at Shackamaxon shortly after the ship reached the Delaware. Before leaving England Kinsey had sold one third of his propriety to Nicholas Lucas, one of the Byllynge Trustees, and another third to Benjamin Scott of Essex, who came on the 'Kent'. In 1681 John Kinsey, Jr., sold the remaining part to Thomas Budd."1


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