Thomas Champion

M, #1302, b. circa 1615, d. between 16 January 1672 and 15 February 1682/83
Last Edited: 25 Mar 2012


Frances (?) d. b 2 Jan 1687/88


Thomas Champion1
Martha Champion1 b. c 1642
Sarah Champion1 b. c 1644
John Champion+ 1 b. c 1647, d. Aug 1727
Hannah Champion1 b. c 1650


  • Note: H. C. Campion, in his unpublished notes, lists the children of Thomas Champion & Frances Jacocks as: Thomas, Martha (b. abt. 1642), Sarah (b. abt 1645) & John (b. abt. 1648).2
  • Note: H. F. Seversmith notes that there were "Perhaps other children", and in a footnote adds: "Possibly Frances, wife of Thomas Southard of Hempstead, son of Thomas and Annetje (Theunis) Southard, was a daughter of Thomas and Frances (-----) Champion."1
  • Note*: "On 12 March 1634/5, 'Tho[ma]s Champion of Ashford' presented a certificate of conformity from Edward Hayes, vicar of Ashford, in order to board the Hercules of Sandwich for passage to New England [NEHGR 75:220].

    COMMENTS: In 1943 and 1946 Herbert F. Seversmith demonstrated that the Thomas Champion who appeared in Hempstead after 1655 was born about 1615, allowing at least the chronological possibility that he could have been this passenger [TAG 20:43-45, 23:32-39, and see also 21:215-17]. However, the lack of any record for Thomas Champion in New England between 1635 and 1655 mitigates against identifying the passenger of 1635 with the Hempstead resident."3
  • Note: The identify of Frances, wife of Thomas Champion, is uncertain. Genealogists Herbert F. Seversmith and H. Clifford Campion respectfully reached different conclusions about both the Champion and the Jecock families. Please refer to their TAG articles.

    H. Clifford Campion asserted that there was only one Thomas Champion at Hempstead and that his wife Frances' maiden name was Jacocks, and further that she was the daughter of Francis Jacocks [Senior] (d. after 1672) and had brothers Thomas (bapt. 1619, d. by 1677) and William (bapt. 1627, d. before 1694). He asserts that it was Francis Jacocks senior who was at Hempstead, and not his son Francis junior.

    Herbert F. Seversmith argued that there were two Thomas Champions at Hempstead, father and son, and that Thomas Champion senior's wife Frances' maiden name is unknown, and that it was Thomas junior who was married to a daughter of Francis Jecocks junior, and that Francis Jecocks senior was not at Hempstead.

    This compiler finds the evidence and the arguments insufficient to conclude with any certainty that a Frances Jecocks was the wife of Thomas Champion and the mother of John Champion.1,4,5,6
  • Immigration*: circa 1655; New York
  • Note: The will of Thomas Champion has not been found (per Seversmith). But there is evidence that a will existed:

    On April 8 1685 Peter Totten recorded in the Hempstead town records that his grandfather Thomas Champine, then deceased, in his last will and testament had bequeathed to him a particular parcel of meadow (Vol II, p. 78-9). He repeats this June 3 1685 in the record of the sale of the land (Vol II, p. 89-90).1,7
  • Note: The following list contains most or all of the land transaction entries for the name Thomas Champion. He was also named in other entries. Page numbers cited are for the 1986 edition, rather than the original record pages.

    Thomas Champion was at Hempstead, Long Island, by 1858 when he was allotted 13 1/2 acres of meadow (p. 30)

    In November 1658 Thomas Champion takes up 10 acres on the north side of Hempstead (p. 61)

    On April 10 1659 Thomas Champion sells the 13 1/2 acres (p. 37)

    On May 2 1659 Thomas Champion buys land in Hempstead from Robert Coe (p. 107-8).

    On May 29 1665 Thomas Ellison gives land to "my featharinlaw Tho Chamin (p. 171-2).

    On January 19 1663 Thomas Champion is granted eight acres on the north side (p. 134).

    On February 18 1668/9 Thomas Champion exchanges parcels of meadow with Thomas Hicks (p. 261).

    Per an undated entry, John Johnson is given a home lot "by his fathers Champins lot" and grazing privileges (p. 288). [Johnson married Thomas' daughter Hannah.]

    On January 16 1672 John Champion is given a home lot and grazing privileges (p. 290). [John was the son of Thomas.]

    On the same date Thomas Champion was given a piece of land joining to his fathers field (p. 291) [H. F. Seversmith interprets this as Thomas Champion jr. son of Thomas Champion sr.; H. C. Campion interprets this as Thomas Champion son-in-law of Francis Jacocks.]

    On February 20 1672/3 Franse Jecocks gives a piece of land to "my sone in law Thomas Champin (p. 291). [H. F. Seversmith interprets this as Francis Jecocks jr. & Thomas Champion jr.; H. C. Campion interprets this as Francis Jacocks sr. & Thomas Champion sr.]

    On December 25 1678 meadow was laid out for forty one individuals, including Thomas Champin (p. 321)

    On February 15 1682/3 Frances Champin sells land "which was layd out to my husband Thomas Champin (p. 448). [H. F. Seversmith interprets this as Frances, maiden name unknown, wife of Thomas Champion jr.; H. C. Campion interprets this as Frances, daughter of Francis Jacocks sr., wife of Thomas Champion sr.]7


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