James Whitall

M, #1130, d. between 22 July 1714 and 7 August 1714
  • Name Variation: James Whiteall
  • Marriage*: England; Principal:Hannah (?)1
  • Death*: between 22 July 1714 and 7 August 1714; Dates of will and inventory.
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Hannah (?) d. bt 5 Dec 1731 - 29 Nov 1732


Job Whitall+ d. 19 May 1722
Sarah Whitall
Mary Whitall b. 10 Nov 1690


  • Immigration*: 1686; Gloucester Co., New Jersey
  • Note*: Dornan notes that the NJA will abstract is in error, listing a son John who was not in the will.2
  • Note: "1686 James & Hannah Whitall came to Gloucester County from Litchfield, Stafford County England"3
  • Note: "In the year 1688 James Whitall purchased part of John Ladd's survey before mentioned, which grant disclosed the name of the locality, and shows how early it was attached. It is a fair presumption that James Whitall built the first house, and immediately upon his purchase; for in the year 1700, when he sold to Richard Chew, and removed to Red Bank, the conveyance says 'all my farm. farm house, and tenements at Upton aforesaid,' showing that a few buildings had been erected, which would probably take several years to accomplish."4
  • Note: Will of James Whiteall, of Red Bank, Twp. Deptford, Gloucester Co., N.J.
    Written 22nd 5th month 1714, proved 22 Sept 1714.
    Names wife Hannah, only son Job, daughter Mary Wood, daughter Sarah Whiteall (under 18), and granddaughter Hannah Wood (under 18).
    One third of worth of real & personal estate to wife Hannah. Plantation to only son Job. Job to pay sister Sarah 20 pounds at age 18, and to pay granddaughter Hannah Wood 7 pounds 10 shillings at age 18. Remainder of personal estate equally to Job and sisters Mary Wood and Sarah Whiteall.
    Executors wife Hannah Whiteall & son Job.
    Witnesses James Lord, Henry Wood & Thomas Nixson
    Inventory appraised 7th day 6th month 1714 by James Lord and Constantine Wood at £92.10.00; and lists no slaves or servants.
    Abstracted by compiler, viewed on FHL microfilm 533,144. NJ Index of Wills 37H.
  • Note: An attempt has been made to list most Whitall/Whiteall/Whittals who were in colonial West Jersey and Philadelphia.

    Of the individuals in this database named Whitall, or some variant, the majority are descended from James Whitall (-1714) of Upton and Red Bank, and their descent is traced in this database.

    Nicholson identified additional Whitalls in West Jersey, contemporaries of James, who were not descended from him, and whose relation to him , if any, was unknown. They are included in this database. They are:
    1) Amos Whiteall, 1697 hog killer in Gloucester Co.
    2) Archibald Whiteall, 1694 juror in Gloucester Co.
    3) James Whiteall, of Newton Twp., Gloucester Co., died 1728, husband of Sarah Rakestraw.
    4) Thomas Whiteall, of Newton Twp., Gloucester Co., died 1728, husband of Margaret (perhaps Till).
    5) John Whiteall, of Newton Twp., Gloucester Co., died about 1722, husband of Hannah Thackara.
    6) John Whittal, of Salem Co., died 1733, husband of Elizabeth Champneys.

    The compiler identified the following additional colonial era Whitalls; they are not in the database:
    1) Abraham Whitall, in 1744 removed back and forth between Salem & Philadelphia meetings, may have died in 1744.
    2) Hannah Whiteall, in 1725 removed from Haddenfield meeting to Philadelphia.
    3) James Whitall, son of James Whiteall, who in 1752 married Mary Ogeden, and lost ten children in 15 years.
    4) James Whitall (1766-1801), dies in Philadelphia.
    5) James Whiteall, 1738, at Haddenfield meeting with certificate of clear from Goshen Meeting.
    6) John Whitall, in Philadelphia 1769, when his six year old nephew James Miller died.
    7) John & Mary Whitall, 1762-64 in Philadelphia, when two children were born.
    8) John & Mary Whitall, 1803 married in Paxtang or Derry.
    9) Mary Whiteall, 1732 married James Coffing, Gloucester Co.
    10) Sarah Whitall, 1730 married George Aves 1730.
    11) Sarah Whitall, with 1718 intentions to marry John Hill.

    The compiler has fragmentary information on another two dozen or more post-colonial Whitall individuals; they are not included in this database.

    Information and inquiries on any Whitalls are welcomed.


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