Rev. John Moore1,2

M, #829, b. say 1611, d. 17 September 1657 or 13 October 1657
Last Edited: 26 Mar 2012

Family 1:


John Moore+1 b. s 1637, d. bt 24 Dec 1669 - 8 Jan 1686
Captain Gershom Moore1 b. s 1639, d. 1691
Captain Samuel Moore+ 1 b. s 1641, d. 25 Jul 1717

Family 2:

Margaret Howell b. 24 Nov 1622


Elizabeth Moore1 b. bt 1647 - 1654, d. b 1680
Joseph Moore1 b. c 1657, d. bt 24 Dec 1723 - 30 May 1726


  • Immigration*: circa 1641; Massachusetts
  • Note*: "John Moore was in Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1641. The same year he appeared as a grantee of land at Southampton, Long Island."
    Is named in orders issued at a town meeting in Southampton, L. I., on April 6, 1641, concerning laying out planting lots.
    Quotes an August 5 1657 letter "At Middleburgh, called alias Newtown they are mostly Independents, and have a man of the same persuasion there named, Johannis Moor, who preaches there well, but administers no sacraments, because (as he says) he was permitted in New England to preach but not authorized to administer sacraments and he has thus continued now for many years."1
  • Note: Locations:
    a) [Does not discuss possibility of being in Lynn, Mass. in 1641]
    b) 6 April 1641 first definite appearance in records, at Southampton, on the eastern end of Long Island.
    c) 8 March 1649 last record at Southampton. And not listed there 9 May 1649.
    d) 25 Sept 1651 minister at Heemstede [south west end of Long Island]
    e) Unknown date moves from Heemstede to Newtown [north west end on Long Island]
    f) 15 January 1656 temporarily leaves Newtown.
    g) 5 Aug 1657 at Newtown
    h) Sept or Oct 1657 dies at Newtown.3
  • Note: Traditional genealogies list John Moore and his single wife Margaret Howell as having had five children together. Hatcher and Smith cite a contemporary letter which states that John Moore left a widow with seven or eight children. They also reason that an unnamed first wife was probably the mother of John, Gershom and Samuel Moore, and that Margaret Howell was probably the mother of Elizabeth and Joseph.3


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