Anthony Cook1

M, #58, d. 1671
Last Edited: 25 Mar 2012


Jane Crawford b. c 1648, d. b 18 Feb 1714/15
  • Marriage*: 13 September 1667; Kingston, New York; "Married by a justice of the peace in Kingston on 13 Sept. 1667,...the marriage banns dated 28 Sept. 1667"; Principal:Jane Crawford1


Mary Cook1 b. 12 Mar 1669
Henry Cook+ 1 b. 12 Apr 1671, d. bt 15 Nov 1723 - 20 Jan 1723/24


  • Note*: 1664; "Anthony Cook, one of the soldiers in the British armed forces under Col. Richard Nicolls which arrived at New Amsterdam in August 1664 in a fleet of four ships of the British Navy and received the surrender of New Netherland from the Dutch, with 23 fellow soldiers garrisoned at Kingston, N.Y., accepted the Governor's offer of a grant of land in the newly laid out village of Marbletown nearby in September 1668."1
  • Immigration*: August 1664; New York


  1. [S256] Lewis D. Cook, "Anthony Cook's Descendents."