Henry Way1

M, #466, b. circa 1583, d. 24 May 1667
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Elizabeth (?) b. c 1581, d. 23 Jun 1665


(?) Way1 b. s 1606, d. b 5 Feb 1630/31
Elyth Way1 b. 30 Nov 1608
Henry Way1 b. 28 Mar 1611, d. c 1631
Aaron Way1 b. 2 Sep 1613, d. bt 25 Aug 1695 - 26 Sep 1695
Hanna Way1 b. 3 Mar 1615/16
Lydia Way1 b. 23 Aug 1618
Susanna Way+ 1 b. 14 Oct 1621, d. 7 May 1706
Richard Way1 b. 2 May 1624, d. 23 Jun 1697


  • Immigration*: 1630; Massachusetts
  • Note*: "Henry Way, called 'The Puritan,' is the first of the name to come to Colonial America and become a land owner and homemaker. He came to Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony from Bridport in the Parish of Allington, County Dorset, England on the Mary and John. The intending emigrants assembled at Plymouth and set sail Saturday, March 20, arriving at Nantasket, May 30, 1630.

    Henry Way is listed among the passengers on the Mary and John, with six in his party. In addition to his wife, Elizabeth, he had five others with him. Although their names do not appear on any passenger list, it is assumed the five were his children. Later records indicate these children were in and around Dorchester in the years following. Their identity is also supported by the baptismal records secured from St Mary's Parish records, Bridport.

    Henry Way carried on a fishing business from Dorchester and his boat save the lives of three shipwrecked men off the coast, July 26, 1631.

    He was admitted to the church at Dorchester, March 5, 1643."2


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