Robert Wadleigh1

M, #84
  • Marriage*: 8 September 1696; Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts; Principal=Sarah Nelson1
  • Note*: Participated in Gove's Rebellion. Robert Wadleigh and his brother Joseph Wadleigh junior were found guilty on 1 Feb 1682/3 for being one of Gove's company breaking out of custody, and for standing upon his defence. Both were imprisoned at Portsmouth. Per Governor Cranfield's letter, Robert was still in prison 23 May 1684. Robert was probably not released until Cranfield left New Hampshire in May or June 1685, and possibly not until the end of Walter Barefoote's term as Deputy Governor about May 1686.2
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Father: Robert Wadleigh1 d. a 28 Oct 1701
Mother: Sarah (?)1


Sarah Nelson


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