John Marston1

M, #364, b. 1615 or 1617, d. 19 December 1681
  • Birth*: 1615 or 1617; England2
  • Immigration*: 1637; On either the ship 'John and Dorothy' of Ipswich, or on the ship 'Rose' of Yarmouth.3
  • Residence*: 1640; Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts2
  • Marriage*: 4 August 1640; Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts; Principal=Alice (?)4
  • Death*: 19 December 1681; Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts2,5
  • Note*: "A Register of Persons About to Pass into Forraign Parts A.D. 1637 13 Chas. I.

    These people went to New England with William Andrews, of Ipswich, Mr. of the 'John and Dorothy' of Ipswich, and with William Andrews, his son, Mr. of the 'Rose' of Yarmouth.
    April 11, 1637. The examination of JOHN MOULTON, of Ormsby, in
    Norfolk, husbandman, aged 38 years, and ANNE, his wife,
    aged 38 years, with 5 children: HENRY, MARCY, ANNE,
    JANE, and BRIDGETT, and 2 servants, ADAM GOODENS,
    aged 20 years, and ALLIS EDEN, aged 18 years, are all
    desirous to pass to New England, there to inhabitt and

    April 11, 1637. The examination of MARCY MOULTON, of Ormsby,
    in Norfolk, Wydow, aged 30 years, and 2 servants, JOHN
    MASTON, aged 20 years, and MERREAN MOULTON, aged 23
    years, are desirous to goe to New England, to inhabitt and
  • Note: "John Marston, Sr., came to Salem, Mass., from Ormesby, town of Yarmouth, Norfolk Co., England, in the ship Rose, of Yarmouth, Capt. Wm. Andrews, Jr., registering his name April 11, 1637, servant of widow Mary Moulton, aged twenty years. But his American records make him two years older, and born in 1615. Married Aug. 4, 1640, Alice (supposed to be Alice Eden), aged twenty-one years then), who came from the same place, and in the same ship, at the same date as John did, and probably was affianced to him in England. She was registered as the servant of John Moulton, of Ormesby, aged eighteen years. He was a carpenter by trade, and at one time a member of the Quaker church, and fined for not complying with the rules of the established church. He united with the first church in Salem, June 9, 1640, and was made freeman, June 2, 1641. He had granted to him, by the town of Salem, a lot of land near Royal-side, April 20, 1646, also another grant, Aug. 31, 1649, of two little spots of marsh, lying near Mr. Scrugs, by "Goodie" King's land. His will was made Dec. 18, 1681, and he died the next day. His grave-stone in Charter st. Cemetery has this inscription: "Here lyeth ye body of John Marston, senor, aged 66 years, deceased December 19, 1681." He had ten children baptized in First church."1
  • Note: John Marston's wrote a will, signed 18 Dec 1681. Nathan Marston's book contains a transcription, and the note "This will was so imperfect that the court rejected it and appointed his son John for administrator." The will made a bequest to his wife, unnamed, and named sons John, Manasseh and Benjamin,, and daughters Sarah and Abigail.1
  • Note: Nathan Marston's book lists the dates of five of John Marston's deeds, and abstracts two:

    "John Marston, Sr., carpenter, & wife Alice, of Salem, to Samuel Pickworth, son-in-law, & his wife Sarah, 16 poles of land; bounded s. by land of said John Marston, & land of Wm. Marston. (It was part of his house lot.) May 20, 1670"

    "John Marston, Sr., of Salem, to his son Manasseh, blacksmith; a lot of land 50 feet front on highway, as you go to the river; butting east on my brother, William Marston, and my dwelling-house. Dec. 24th, 1677."1
  • Note: "William Marston, a brother of John of Ormesby, was born in England, not far from 1628, and came to Salem some years after John...He was a master-mariner. Married Sarah ..., about 1652." [Children and descendants listed.]6
  • Note: Genealogist Mary Lovering Holman traced John Marston's English ancestors back five generations to Thomas Marston of Bastwick, co. Norfolk Eng., born about 1435. Three more recent generations resided in Ormesby, parish of St. Margaret, co. Norfolk.7
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Alice (?) b. c 1619, d. a 1681


John Marston8 b. 29 Aug 1641
Ephraim Marston8 b. 30 Oct 1643
Manasseh Marston8 b. 7 Sep 1645
Sarah Marston8 b. 19 Mar 1648
Benjamin Marston8 b. 9 Mar 1651
Hannah Marston8 b. 17 Apr 1653, d. young
Thomas Marston8 b. 11 Feb 1654, d. young
Elizabeth Marston8 b. 30 Aug 1657
Abigail Marston+ 9,10,11 b. 19 Feb 1658
Mary Marston8 b. 23 Mar 1661


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