Abigail Parker1

F, #123, d. 3 March 1756
  • Marriage*: 5 October 1729; Grafton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts; "Jonathan Child and Abigael Parker Both of Weston Had Their Intention of marriage Published : october 5th, 1729."; Principal=Jonathan Child2
  • Death*: 3 March 1756; Grafton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts; "Child, Abigail, w. Jonathan, March 3, 1756."3
  • Note*: Abigail Parker's sixteen American ancestors, most not recorded in this database, are known from various books and sources:

    Abigail Parker, the daughter of Phineas Parker and his wife Abigail Scripture, was born 19 Sept 1711 at Groton, Massachusetts, and married Jonathan Child Oct 1729, and died 3 March 1756 at Grafton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts.

    Phineas Parker, father of Abigail, was born in the 1680s to James Parker and his wife and Mary Parker. In July 1694 on the frontier at Groton about 40 miles from Boston, Phineas Parker and "several" siblings were taken captive during an Indian raid and their parents were killed. Phineas was ransomed in 1698 for £6 and returned to his uncle Josiah Parker. Phineas resided at Groton, marrying first Abigail Scripture and secondly in 1722 Elizabeth Bowers who survived him. Phineas died intestate, but at the time of his death owned a large number of tracts of land.

    James Parker [junior], father of Phineas, was born about 1652 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, to Capt. James Parker and his wife Elizabeth Long. James [junior] married his first cousin Mary Parker at Chelmsford in 1678. They had six children before their deaths during the Indian raid in 1694.

    Capt. James Parker, father of James, great grandfather of Abigail Parker, was born in England about 1617, and was at Woburn, Massachusetts by 1640. He was joined by four brothers who removed together to Chelmsford in 1653, with some moving later to Billerica and Groton. James resided at Groton, and died testate in 1700.

    Elizabeth Long, wife of Capt. James Parker, was baptized at St. Albans, Hertsfordshire, England in 1621, and was brought to America in 1635 by her father Robert Longe. She married James Parker in at Woburn in 1643; had eleven children with him.

    Robert Longe, father of Elizabeth, was born about 1590 in England. In 1635 he brought his second wife and ten children to America, and resided at Charlestown, an innkeeper, dying there in 1663/7, aged 73. His first wife and mother of the children, Sarah Taylor, died in London in 1631.

    Mary Parker, wife of James Parker [junior], and paternal grandmother of Abigail Parker, was born in 1655 at Chelmsford, the daughter of Abraham Parker and his wife Rose Whitlock. As stated above, she died in an Indian raid on the frontier at Groton in 1694.

    Abraham Parker, father of Mary, was one of the brothers of Capt. James Parker, migrating by 1644 when he married Rose Whitlock. Abraham resided at Chelmsford, and died there testate in 1685. Various accounts are given of Rose Whitlock's parentage. She died testate at Chelmsford in 1691, having ten children.

    Abigail Scripture, mother of Abigail Parker, was born 28 Jan 1686/87, at Groton, Massachusetts, the daughter of Samuel Scripture and his wife Elizabeth Knapp. The marriage record of Abigail Scripture and Phineas Parker has not been found. She died at Groton 4 February 1720 at Groton, two weeks after the birth of her seventh child.

    Samuel Scripture, father of Abigail Scripture, was born about 1650 probably in England, and died between 1720 and 1728, probably at Groton. He first appears in the records as a court witness in 1669 aged 19, an indentured servant. In 1674 he and Elizabeth Knapp married at Cambridge. They resided in several different towns before settling in Groton by 1680.

    Elizabeth Knapp, mother of Abigail Scripture and maternal grandmother of Abigail Parker, was born in 1655 in Watertown, Massachusetts, the daughter of James Knapp and his wife Elizabeth Warren. She had ten children with her husband Samuel Scripture, and died at Groton about 1720.

    James Knapp or Knopp, father of Elizabeth Knapp, was baptized 30 Apr 1626 Wormingford, Essex, England, the son of William Knopp and his wife Judith Tue, and was brought by his parents to America in 1630. He married Elizabeth Warren about 1654. They were among the fifty families that came to Groton in the mid-1660s. He appears to have returned to Watertown, and died intestate there by November 1700.

    William Knopp, father of James Knapp, was baptized 1 Jan 1580/1 at Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England. He married first Judith Tue on 11 Jan 1606/7 at Wormingford, Essex, England, who was baptized 31 May 1589 at Wormingford. William Knopp and his family came to America in the Winthrop Fleet in 1630, making them among the earliest immigrants in this database. William was indentured to Sir Richard Saltonstall, who garnished the wages of William and his eldest son, for payment for their passage. William was granted land in Watertown. The date of Judith's death is unknown. William married second Priscilla, widow of Thomas Akers, probably in 1651. He died testate 30 Aug 1658 at Watertown.

    Elizabeth Warren, wife of James Knapp, was baptized 21 July 1629 at Nayland, Suffolk, England, the daughter of John Warren and his wife Margaret. She was brought to New England by her parents in 1630. The record of her marriage to James Knapp has not been found; she and her husband are named in her father's will. The births of their only known two children are recorded at Watertown. At Groton Elizabeth Knapp was a servant in the household of Reverend Samuel Willard. He documented her possession in 1671, and the account was published by Cotton Mather; see the Wikipedia article. The Knapps are thought to have later returned to Watertown, where she died 12 Jan 1715/16.

    John Warren, father of Elizabeth, was baptized 1 Aug 1585, Nayland, Suffolk, England. He had seven children baptized there. The name of his wife, Margaret, is known only from the record of her death at Watertown 6 Nov 1662. She is presumed to be the mother of their children in England. The Warrens migrated in the Winthrop Fleet in 1630, so were also among the earliest ancestors in this database. He settled in Watertown, where he died testate 13 Dec 1667, aged 82. He was fined for frequently missing the Sabbath; his house was once ordered to be searched for Quakers; Bond speculates that he was a Baptist.4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,3,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31
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Jonathan Child b. 26 Apr 1696, d. 8 Sep 1787


Josiah Child32 b. 17 Oct 1730
Abigail Child+32 b. 28 Aug 1732, d. 23 Jan 1780
Elizabeth Child32 b. 28 Oct 1735
Jonathan Child32 b. 14 Feb 1737/38
Ruth Child32 b. 2 Oct 1740
Solomon Childs+ 32 b. 31 Jan 1743/44, d. 28 Feb 1827
Sarah Child32 b. 13 Aug 1746
Joseph Child32 b. 29 Jan 1753


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