Hannah French1

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  • Marriage*: 5 October 1693; Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; "both of Watertown"; Principal=John Child1
  • Note*: Hannah French's seven American ancestors, not recorded in this database, are known from various books and sources:

    Hannah French was born at Billerica, Massachusetts, 25 Jan 1676[/7?], the daughter of Capt. William French of Billerica, Mass. and his wife Mary Lathrop. Hannah married John Child 5 Oct 1693, with whom she had ten known children. She died 2 Jan 1766, at age 90.

    Capt. William French was an immigrant, who arrived in 1635 on the ship Defence, and resided first in Cambridge, then removed in 1652 to Billerica. In 1654 and 1656 he was described as a tailor. In his will dated 5 June 1679 he states that he is aged about 76 years; the will was proved 20 Dec 1681, with his wife Mary French executrix. William French's first known wife was Elizabeth, who died 1668 at Billerica, bearing nine known children. He married next in 1669 Mary (Lothrop) Stearns. They had four known children, including Hannah French, born at Billerica 25 Jan 1676[/7?], who married John Child.

    Mary Lathrop, mother of Hannah French, was born 4 Oct 1640, and was living in 1735. She was the daughter of Thomas Lothrop and his wife Sarah Learned. Mary Lathrop married first John Stearn at Barnstable in 1656; he died 5 Mar 1668/9. She married second William French, and married third Isaac Mixer at Billerica 29 Jun 1687. She had five children by her first husband and four by her second.

    Thomas Lothrop, father of Mary Lothrop, was born about 1621, was baptized at Eastwell, Kent, 21 Feb 1612/3, and died in 1707 at Barnstable, Massachusetts. He was the eldest son of immigrant John Lothrop and his first wife Hannah House. Thomas removed to Barnstable with his father, where he became a large land owner. Thomas Lothrop married 11 Dec 1639 Sarah Learned widow of Thomas Ewer.

    Sarah Learned, mother of Mary Lothrop, was born about 1608, and married first in England Thomas Ewer; they came to America on the ship James in June 1635. After his death in 1638, she married second Thomas Lathrop. She had three known children by Ewer, and five by Lathrop. Sarah Learned was the daughter of William Learned and his first wife Goodith Gilman.

    Rev. John Lothrop, father of Thomas Lothrop, great-grandfather of Hannah French, was baptized 20 Dec 1584 in Etton, Yorkshire, England. Educated at Queen's College, Cambridge, he served as minister of an English church about fifty miles from London from about 1611 to 1623, then in an Independent dissenter's church in Southwark, London, for which the congregation and he were imprisoned in April 1632 in the Clink prison. Out on bond in June 1634, he with his children migrated on the ship Griffin. He resided first in Scituate, where he served as the pastor, then removed to Barnstable by 1640 where he was pastor of the Church of Christ. His will is dated 10 Aug 1653, proved 7 Mar 1653/4, names his eldest son Thomas. John Lothrop married first Hannah House in Eastwell, Kent, 16 Oct 1610. She died in London about 1633 while her husband was in prison. Of her eight known children, six made their lives in Massachusetts, one in England, and one died young. John Lothrop married second by 1635 probably in Scituate a woman named Ann, who survived him, and they had seven children.

    William Learned, father of Sarah Learned, great-grandfather of Hannah French, was born about 1581 and married Goodith Gilman at St. Olave, Southwark 22 Apr 1606. They migrated in 1630, living first in Charlestown, where she died after 1632. He removed to Woburn in 1640. He died at Woburn 1 Mar 1645/6. His second wife Jane, aka Sarah, died there 24 Jan 1660/1.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
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John Child b. 25 Apr 1669, d. bt 6 Apr 1742 - 14 Dec 1747



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